How to Find the Best Garage Door Repair Company?

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How to Find the Best Garage Door Repair Company?

How to Find the Best Garage Door Repair Company?

Having a functional garage door is more beneficial than we can ever imagine. Fine! You live in the suburbs or the countryside, no one will steal your car or garage belongings, but have you thought about the overall benefits of having a good garage door?

When it is faulty, how often do you get a repair company to come tinker with it or replace it with a new one? A stable garage door not only offers your properties safety, but it can also offer security for your whole house, by synching it with an alarm system. Looking at it from an aesthetic point of view, a garage door can give your home a different but appealing appearance, after all, they come in different designs and colors.

And if you’re thinking, “It’s going to cost me a lot, do I get my money back later?” Well, if you’re planning to move later on, and you want to sell the house, a garage door will increase your home value, compared to having a less secured home. Did you know new garage doors are insulated? Think about how wonderful it would be to have a garage that would not freeze your extremities off.

Because a garage door is an important part of the house, you need only the best repair company to work on it when it’s not up to par. Getting the best company is more than just going online and asking Google to help you locate the garage door repair companies near you. You have to know what you are dealing with so that you won’t be ripped off. You can only do this, by learning all there is to know about your garage door, remember! No knowledge is wasted.

What Are The Parts Of a Garage Door?

Knowing the parts of a garage door will help you detect problems faster, and can help you determine the kind of door you want, should a replacement be necessary.

Remote Control: While it is not attached to the door itself, remote control is an essential part of a garage door. With a garage door remote control, you can get that door to open without having to come out of your car. The remote control provides more safety because, once the device is with you, no other person can open it no matter how hard they try. Well, unless they have a C4 or a stick of dynamite. So, it is convenient and reduces your activity.

Cable Drum: A garage door cable drum looks like a typical cable reel and does the same job. It is the part located on the torsion spring shaft around which the garage door cables wind themselves when the door is being opened. There are three types of cable drums and they are standard lift cable drums, vertical lift cable drums, and high lift cable drums. A standard lift cable drum has a raised groove for the door’s horizontal stability. A vertical lift cable drum has taller grooves for vertical garage door sliding. The high lift cable drum has flat and raised grooves for both vertical and horizontal balance.

Torsion Spring: A torsion spring is meant to lift the garage door and they are usually placed horizontally and parallel above the door opening. They are always wound tightly because, when the cables are reeling during the opening, the spring unwinds and that energy lifts the garage door. Unfortunately, after constant use, the spring weakens and can no longer return to its tight shape. This is when replacement is necessary, or else, it can cause accidents. Also, not all garage doors have torsion springs; some use extension springs.

Extension Spring: A garage door extension spring is visible on the sides, usually for garage doors that open vertically.

Section Joints: When the door is a sectional garage door, the joints in between the sectional panels are the section joints. It enables the folding of a sectional garage door when you open it.

Hanger Track: Just like a railway line for trains, the hanger track is the track that allows and secures the movement of garage door rollers (the tires) to the building. A hanger track can be rear, I.e. it allows horizontal movement. While the vertical hanger track is attached to the sides, for up and down movement.

Garage door opener: Is a mini device that controls the opening and closing of a garage door. It is usually controlled by switches on the garage wall or a handheld remote control.

Rollers: They are tire-like parts that are connected to the cables that open the door. They move within the hanger tracks.

Lift Handles And Pull ropes: For manual garage doors, lift handles and pull ropes are attached to the base of the garage door.

What Are The Materials Used To Make A Garage Door?

In case of replacement, one needs to know the kind of material used in making the bulk of the garage door. The common materials are:

Aluminum: These are very cheap and are easily dented due to the slight weakness of aluminum. Aluminum garage doors tend to be lighter than most, rust-proof, and terrible for electrical functions because of the high conductive ability of aluminum.

Wood: Being the opposite of aluminum, wood garage doors are very expensive. They are beautiful and stylish, but the maintenance is high.

Steel: This is the most popular garage door material. It is strong, secured, and gives room for insulation. Steel allows layers of galvanized steel for extra strength and safety purpose.

Fiberglass and Vinyl: These two materials are usually combined to make a composite layer garage door. Fiberglass gives it an aesthetic appeal, while the vinyl allows polyurethane insulation. They are as strong as steel but significantly more expensive than it.

Maintenance Of a Garage Door

You can maintain your garage door by yourself or call a garage door repair company for a general maintenance check. The maintenance should be a constant part of your routine if you don’t want to start replacing parts and doors frequently. Here are a few tips on how to maintain your garage door properly:

Watch and Listen: This is something you can do every day after parking your car. A finely tuned garage door will make little or no noise when you open it, and it should not have jerky movements as it rolls to the side or upwards. Once your garage door is making a scraping noise or making a jerky motion, then something is wrong with the springs, cables, or tracks.

Inspect the Hanger Tracks: Collection of dust, debris, and small particles can be the downfall of your tracks. Inspect them, clear all particles, and call a repair company if the problem is major.

Inspect the Rollers: If your rollers are worn, broken, or bent, you will need to replace them.

Inspect the Cables and Springs: The cables are usually attached to the rollers and springs, so make sure you check them out. As for your extension and torsion spring, always inspect them to be sure they still possess their tensile strength.

Check For Balance: Especially for the vertically opening doors, a balance check is necessary. See if one side is higher than the order, or if it keeps falling slightly when it’s raised. An unbalanced door will eventually wear the garage door opener out, and you will have to replace two parts.

Be generous with Lubricants: Always oil the rollers and other moving parts of the garage door a few times in a year. Lubrication prevents friction, which causes early wear. Your lubricant should either be plain grease or spray grease.

Test the Sensors: Drive close to your garage door without using the remote control, and check if the photoelectric sensors will alert you of an imminent collision. If it does not, you need to hire a garage door repair company to take a look at it.

Inspect the Weatherstripping: The rubber lining along the bottom of a garage door is the weatherstripping. It prevents dust and water from getting into the tracks. It can wear out or lose its elasticity. So, check it out and replace it if necessary.

Take Care of the Door surface: You can do this by cleaning the door and preventing dirt cake on the surfaces. For spots of rust on the door, you need to sand, prime, and paint it. When it’s a fiberglass door, wash it thoroughly. For your wooden door, check for warping and waterlogging frequently.

What Are The Common Problems Of a Garage Door?

Before you get your repair company, it means the garage door is probably faulty and you probably don’t know what is wrong with it. A garage door problem might be minor, and it can be a major problem. Here some of the common garage door problems:

Spring Problems: This is a major problem because it is very risky if you try to replace your garage door springs by yourself. A spring problem can happen when the springs lose their tensile ability, or when something is blocking its grooves. You will know it is likely a spring problem when the door keeps closing after you open it.

Cable Problems: A cable problem prevents the door from opening all the way. This can happen when the cable drums are bad or clogged.

Photosensor problems: When the door opens without a command from you or keeps alerting you about an imminent collision, then it is experiencing a sensor problem.

A broken Remote: It might be a wiring fault, battery related issue, or programming problems. You can detect a faulty remote when the door does not respond to any command you press on the remote control.

Faulty Garage Door Opener: You can also detect this when the remote control command isn’t working, or when the wall switches are not responsive.

Leaky Wheather stripping: Once you start noticing water, debris, or small insects on the floor of your garage, it can signify a leakage in the weather stripping.

How Do You Get The Best Garage Door Repair Company?

Since you’re familiar with the parts of a garage door, its maintenance, its materials, and some common problems, you can now converse with a repair company. Here are some things you can do to find the best repair company:

Find the company for your kind of garage door: Not all repair companies can take care of wooden or fibreglass garage doors. Some do not attend to sectional or corrugated garage doors. So, search for the companies that can take care of your kind of garage door.

Seek Opinion: Ask your family and friends questions about those companies you could find. Their recommendations would be very helpful.

Browse For Their Certificates: A suitable garage door repair company should have a certificate of business, licenses, and permits.

Read Reviews: While a ton of business owners can buy reviews online, no one buys negative reviews. So, read a few positive reviews and read all the negative reviews and their responses. That will give you a better idea about their work ethics and customer services.

Convenience: The best company does not always have to be so far away. Look for the top-rated ones around you.

Ask for Cost: The most expensive one might not be the best one for you, neither is the cheapest one. Look for a company that has services within your budget, and don’t exceed it.

Test and Experience: Before you decide to stick to a particular company, test the top three in your selection. The best one becomes the best garage door repair company for you.

While it is good for DIY, hiring a good garage door repair company is highly beneficial. It is safer and will reduce your risks of becoming injured, saves your time and money later on, and is more convenient. A standard repair company offers a warranty, which isn’t something DIY would give you. Remember, you might not have the right tools, thereby causing more harm than good. Treat your garage door to the best, and it will give you the best results.

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