Since automated garage doors have become prominent, one part of the door that has become the most important in its operation is the garage door opener. These openers help to smoothly operate garage doors and ensure you face no trouble getting in and out of your garage.

But, as there are different types of garage door openers, you need to take a look at them before deciding to buy one. 

One of the most commonly used garage door openers is the chain drive opener. Due to it making too much noise, people also often prefer its direct alternative, the belt drive opener. Then there is the screw drive opener, which is also a quieter option than chain drive ones. If you have a bigger budget, you can go for the jackshaft drive garage door opener. 

Let’s take a detailed look at various garage door opener types.

What type of garage door opener do I need?

Whenever you decide to buy a garage door, you need to ensure you know about all of its parts beforehand.

This will ensure you can get your hand on the best garage door that suits you. And since garage door openers are arguably the most important part of the garage door, you need to pay special attention to the types of garage door openers. 

Let’s take a look at all the different types of garage door openers:

1. Chain drive garage door openers

Chain drive garage door opener

These openers are one of the oldest and most common types of garage door openers. They operate by pulling the trolly along the track with the help of a metal chain. Since all the parts of these openers are made of metal, they grind against each other and make too much noise.

So, if you have your garage near your bedrooms, then they are not the right choice for you. 

They also need regular maintenance, as the chain can easily rust and corrode. But, if you have a detached garage, and have a low budget, then you can go for these garage door openers.

2. Belt drive garage door openers

Belt drive garage door opener

If noise is your primary concern, then you can opt for the belt-drive garage door openers instead of the chain-drive ones. These openers operate in the same way as the chain drive ones, only the chain is replaced with a belt.

They are one of the most silent garage door openers and can be a great addition to your home. 

But unlike chain drive ones, these openers can be a bit expensive, and they do require quite a bit of maintenance. These also last a shorter time than the previously mentioned garage door openers. 

3. Screw drive garage door openers

screw drive garage door opener

If you don’t want to wait for a long time for your garage door to open, and want the door to have a lot fewer parts, then you can go for screw-drive garage dorm openers.

These openers don’t use a chain or a belt, rather there is a threaded metal rod that acts as a screw to move the trolley on its tracks. They are also a quieter option than chain drive openers. 

But there are a few downsides to them as well. These openers require regular maintenance and lubrication. Their performance can also vary due to the change in temperature, especially in older models.

Finally, they cost more than chain drive openers. 

4. Jackshaft garage door openers

Jackshaft garage door opener

Unlike most other openers, jackshaft openers are not installed overhead, which allows you quite a bit of ceiling space for storage. These openers are installed on the walls beside the garage door.

They use a pulley and cable system to operate, which controls the torsion bar to open or close the door. 

These openers are more suitable for large, sectional doors. They are also quite expensive, so if you have a large budget, then they are one of the best openers you could go for. 

5. Direct drive garage door openers

Direct drive garage door openers

These door openers are by far the quietest of the bunch. And part of this is because they don’t need any chains or screws to operate. They have wheel gear, which helps the door along a fixed, sturdy chain. They also have only one moving part, which makes them very easy to maintain.

They cost almost the same as belt drive openers, which gives them an advantage. 

6. DC-powered garage door openers

DC-powered garage door opener

Although primarily garage door openers were AC powered, for the last few years, manufacturers have veered away from those. The reason for this is the AC-powered garage door openers were not very efficient, as they were much heavier, louder, and required a lot of parts. 

Nowadays, all garage door openers are powered by DC monitors, there are a few good reasons for it. First of all, DC-powered openers are the most powerful. They also operate very smoothly and require a lot fewer parts than AC-powered garage door openers.

Some DC garage openers even come with a battery backup, so that you can still use your garage door when the lights go out. 

Final Words

Since different garage door openers have different traits, it’s best to know about different types of garage door openers before buying one. When you research the market for a garage door opener, make sure you take your garage door type, budget, and the noise they make into account before deciding to buy one.


1. What is the difference between garage door openers?

The main difference between all the garage door openers is how the trolley is moved along the tracks by the motor. Some motors use a chain, while some use a belt.

2. Which garage door type is best?

Among all the garage door types, the roll-up or roller garage doors are the best. This is because these doors are very safe to use, and they have fewer chances to stick to one place.

3. What are the disadvantages of garage door openers?

Automatic garage door and their openers have a few disadvantages. For instance, these openers will always have to be installed by a professional. Also, these openers require regular maintenance, due to a lack of which, they can start to malfunction.