The role of garage doors in maintaining the safety and security of your home is immense. Another role these garage doors play that often goes under the radar is enhancing the house’s aesthetics.

When combining the form and function of garage doors, hardly any doors come even close to glass ones, and you need to know how much they cost before installing them. 

So, how much do glass garage doors cost? The average price of a garage door is around $4500, but it can go as high as $10000. There are a lot of factors that determine how much you have to pay for the door.

These include the type of glass in the door, the thickness of the glass, as well as the style of the door. 

Let’s take a detailed look at the costs of glass garage doors. 

Cost of a glass garage door 

In the earlier days of garage doors, they only had the job of securing the garage, and nothing more. But as time has passed, the functions of these doors have also increased.

Now, not only do these doors protect the garage and the house, but they also maintain and in many cases enhance the curb appeal of a house. 

With that in mind, people have been looking for sturdy, yet aesthetically

materials for their garage doors. Although the idea was scoffed at first, glass garage doors have been slowly making their way into people’s hearts, and of course, their homes.

So, if you are looking for a glass garage door to install in your house, you need to make sure you know everything about them, including their costs. 

Now, the average cost to install a glass garage door in your house can be around $4500, but this cost is by no means a fixed one. There are a lot of factors in play that can influence the overall cost of glass garage doors. Let’s take a look at them. 

1. The type of the glass

One of the biggest factors that determine glass garage door pricing is the type of glass used to make the door. There are three types of glass that are used to make garage doors. They are: 

a) Tempered Glass:

Tempered Glass

This type of glass is very strong and can be sturdier than wood and even aluminum. These are one of the more standard glass types used in garage doors and can be up to four times tougher than regular glass.

They are very difficult to break, and even if they break, they don’t shatter, rather they stay connected in large pieces. 

Due to this property of tempered glass, they are quite tough to break through and provide much-needed protection to your home.

There are also a lot of glass colors you can choose from, which will add much-needed aesthetics to your garage. Glass garage doors made of tempered glass can cost around $4000.


b) Insulated glass:

Insulated Glass garage door

If there is one downside of tempered glass garage doors, that they are not very energy efficient. So, if you prefer the energy efficiency and comfort (as you should) of your garage, you can go for insulated glass garage doors. 

These garage doors are excellent in keeping the cold out of the garage and making life easier and more comfortable for you.

Insulated glass garage doors cost can be up to 5000 USD up front, but there is an added charge to it. 

Since insulated glass garage doors can not provide as much insulation as steel garage doors or wooden ones, you might need to customize the door with aluminum frames. This will increase the overall cost of the garage door by a lot. 

c) Laminated Glas:

If you are a bit apprehensive about your garage door glass shattering, which is completely natural by the way (being apprehensive, not the shattering of the glass), then you can opt for laminated glass.

Not only are these glasses a lot less prone to shattering, but they also block out noise very well. 

Due to their increased resistance to shattering, as well as soundproofing, laminated glass garage doors can cost the most among the three doors mentioned. You might need to spend around $5200 for these doors. 

2. The thickness of the glass 

thickness of the glass

The next most important factor in determining the cost of glass garage doors is the thickness of the glass. Regular garage door glass panels are ⅛ inches thick. The thicker the glass of the garage door gets, the more it will cost you. 

People opt for thicker glass garage doors to maximize the insulation in their garage. So, if you go for insulation, you have to dish out a lot more money than you otherwise had to. 

Read our article, to break down the confusion of whether glass garage doors are safe or not.

3. The size of your garage

The size of your garage will also play a vital role in determining how much money you will have to pay for your garage door made of glass.

If you have a regular-sized garage for a single car, such as an 8’x7’ garage, you need to pay around $4000 for its door. And if you have an 8’x8’ garage, the glass garage door for this garage will cost you $4300, and so on. 

Also, single glass garage doors cost a lot less than double garage doors, so keep that in mind when choosing a garage door for your house. 

4. The style of the door

Another major factor that influences the glass garage door price is the style of door you are going for. For instance, if you go for swing-up garage doors, you will have to pay a lot less as they are easy to install. But these doors also need regular maintenance, so the overall costs can be a lot more than you bargained for. 

Next, you can go for roll-up doors. Glass roll-up garage doors cost more than swing-up doors, at around $4500, but they don’t need too much maintenance.

So, they end up costing a lot less than the previous ones. Finally, there are commercial glass doors, which are customized to withstand a lot of pressure and damage, and they can even cost up to $10000. 

5. Opacity of the glass

One of the biggest drawbacks of regular glass garage doors is that they lack the privacy that metal or wooden garage doors provide. Some people think that if you opt for both having a glass garage door and privacy, you have to sacrifice the amount of light you want in your garage door. 

But not all garage doors are like that. You can go for frosted glass garage doors, which have different opacity levels you can choose from.

The biggest advantage of these garage doors is not only will you still have a lot of light coming into your garage door, but you will also have as much privacy as you need. Frosted garage doors cost around 25% more than regular doors.

6. Installation costs

Installing glass garage doors is a bit costlier than typical wooden or metal garage doors. You can expect to spend around $700 to $1500 to install regular garage doors. But for commercial and customized garage doors, the cost can go even higher.

Almost all garage door installation companies like us at Infinity Garage Doors will charge you a flat rate to install your garage door. 

7. Labor costs

You can also expect to be charged a flat rate as labor costs when installing your glass garage door. The average labor cost of installing a single glass garage door is around $220, and that for a double door is around $400.

If you want to install a custom-made glass door, you may need to pay more for that. 

Final Words

Glass garage doors add a lot of style and class as well as functionality to the garage of your home. Before you go to install these garage doors, you should know about the glass garage doors’ cost so that you get a general idea of how much the door of your choice can cost you.

If you want a glass garage door installed in your home, contact us today!


1. How much does a 9×7 glass garage door cost? 

Typical garage door dimensions are 8’x7’, so if you want a door that is bigger than this dimension, you need to pay more than $4000. The average cost of a 9’x7’ garage door made of glass is $4100. 

2. Do glass garage doors break easily? 

Contrary to popular belief, glass garage doors are not very prone to breaking. The reason behind this is these doors have aluminum frames, which make sure the glass is kept in place. Also, the glass that is used to make garage doors is very strong and sturdy, making them resistant to breaking easily. 

3. Are garage doors with windows more expensive?

Yes, garage doors with windows are more expensive than garage doors that don’t have windows. The reason behind this is the manufacturers have to work a lot harder to craft windows within doors and install glasses in those windows.