Garage doors not only protect the garage but also add to the aesthetics of the house as well. So when garage door installation is concerned, time is of the essence. So how long does it take to install a garage door?

In general, the installation time for a garage door is between 4 to 6 hours, which means it doesn’t take all day to do it. The installation time is even shorter if the door is compatible with the structure that is already present. Apart from this, other factors affect the installation time as well, such as the personnel installing it, how the weather is that day, etc. 

Let’s take a deeper look at the installation time of a garage door and other aspects of it.

How Much Time Do You Need To Install A Garage Door?

Whenever people ask “how long does it take to install a garage door?” they expect a concrete answer. But in reality, there is no specific time to install a garage door. Because installing garage doors depends on a lot of factors. These are

  • Who is installing the door
  • The condition of the weather
  • Door size
  • Whether the door is available
  • Installation type

Depending on these factors, it takes around 4 to 6 hours to install a garage door by a professional. On the other hand, replacing a similar-sized door takes a much shorter time. A pro can replace a door with another door of the same size within 3-4 hours.

How To Install A Garage Door?

Now that you know how long it takes to install a garage door, it’s only natural that you take a look at how to install it. The steps you need to follow for installing a garage door are:

installing garage door


Step 1: Taking inventory

Step 2: Assembling the rails

Step 3: Fastening the rails

Step 4: Installing the chain as well as the idler pulley

Step 5: Installing header bracket support

Step 6: Hanging the door opener

Step 7: Installing the arm along with the door bracket

Step 8: Adding necessary electronics to the door

Step 9: Programming the opener

Step 10: Testing the safety measures of the opener.

How Much Does A Garage Door Cost?

One of the important aspects of installing something is its price. The garage doors are no exception to this either. So how much are garage doors? The price of a garage door is between $600 and $4000, depending on the type of door you are buying. 

The aforementioned price is excluding the installation cost. So how much does it cost to install a garage door? Depending on a lot of factors such as the number, type, and size of the door, the installation of a garage door will cost between $260 to $2300.

What Are The Best Garage Doors For You?

When it comes to garage doors, consumers are spoilt for choices since there are a whole host of brands that produce some of the best garage doors. Some of the most well-known brands include Clopay, Amarr, Wayne Dalton, etc.  

As mentioned before, the availability of garage doors plays a big part in determining the time of installation. So among the doors mentioned above, the doors that are available near you are the best choice for your home.  So, how can I find garage door sales near me?

There are various distributors such as Lowe’s garage doors that sell garage doors near you. You can visit the websites of these distributors to gather more information. 

Why Is It Getting Tougher To Buy Garage Doors?

It is getting harder and harder to buy garage doors nowadays. Consumers who have ordered garage doors are having to wait months to get their desired doors. But what is causing the garage door delays in 2022?

Getting tough to buy garage door

One of the main reasons for garage doors getting delayed is the lack of raw materials. As raw materials are getting more and more scarce, it is getting increasingly harder for suppliers to produce enough garage doors to satisfy consumer demands. 

Another reason for the increasing demand and subsequent increase in delays of garage doors is the increasing cost of living in cities. As a result, people are moving away from cities and to the countryside. The increased demand for cars in those areas also has a hand in the delay of garage door supplies.


1. Can I Install A Garage Door Myself?

Yes, it is possible to install a garage door by yourself. But keep in mind that in doing so, you are only lengthening the installation time. To install a garage door by yourself, you will need around 12 hours, which is double the amount a pro needs. 

2. Is Garage Door Installation Difficult?

Yes, the installation of a garage door is quite difficult. Not only that, it is quite dangerous as well. That is why it is recommended that only professional help is taken to install a garage door.

3. How Long Does It Take To Install A Single-car Garage Door?

Single-car garage doors are the easiest to install, and it takes the least amount of time. On average, it only takes 4 to 6 hours to install a single-car garage door. The time becomes even shorter if the door is compatible with the structure that already exists. 

Final Words

One of the most common questions people ask professionals is ‘how long does it take to install a garage door?’ Depending on a lot of factors, the time varies from 4 to 6 hours. It takes even shorter if the door is compatible with the preexisting structure. One of the biggest issues regarding garage doors is their availability. So it’s best to use the door that is available near you to save time and money.