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New Garage Door

Garage Doors in All Styles & Sizes
For those of you interested in getting a new garage door, we can accommodate any style or size. Our garage door experts in the office and in the field can walk you through the entire process. Garage doors come in many different sizes. In most cases we can have a technician out the same day you call us to get an accurate measurement of your garage door. We work with customers every day on getting new custom doors, wood doors, steel doors or even glass doors! There are so many options to choose from and we try to educate you on all of those options so that you can make the buying decision that is right for you. We know that new garage doors are a big investment so it’s really important to have the right knowledge.

Steel Garage Doors
Steel garage doors are really popular for residential areas for many reasons. Firstly, steel garage doors are incredibly low maintenance! If you have a steel garage door, you really only have to have your garage door serviced once or twice a year to keep it in good shape. Durability is another benefit to having steel garage doors. A well maintained steel garage door can last for decades! The price of steel garage doors is incredibly affordable and you get great value from this on resale. Lastly, the best thing about steel garage doors is the variety of different styles you can get. There is sure to be a steel garage door in your desired style, from flush panels to elegant windows to doors that look like wood. Call us today to inquire about getting a new steel garage doors.

No Project Too Big or Too Small
Whether it be a plain white single car garage door, or an apartment complex with 100 garage doors, no project is out of our reach! We take as much pride installing a basic garage door as we do with a custom wood door. Our technicians and installers are capable of handling any job. With our decades of experience we have run into every possible problem imaginable, so there really is nothing we haven’t seen. If you are thinking about installing garage doors in your home you can count on us to give you undivided focus to help cater to your project.

Are you building a new house or business and you are thinking of installing a garage door? Do you already have a garage door you want to replace with a new one as it is showing signs of wear and tear? Or are you just looking to upgrade your home? Whatever your reasons may be for needing new garage doors, Infinity Garage Doors offers new garage door installation services and we will walk you through the whole process. Our expert garage door technicians have the experience and expertise needed to ensure that your new garage door is properly installed so that it can run safely and smoothly. In addition to our installation services, with so many options to choose from in garage doors, our staff will educate you on every option you have so you can select your ideal garage door.

Garage doors are available in a variety of sizes, models and brands. At Infinity Garage Doors, every single one of our garage doors is manufactured by only the top brand names in the garage door industry. We understand that not all products are manufactured to the same standard which is why we only use products from the top named garage door manufacturers to give our clients the assurance that only the best garage doors will be installed in your garage. Our wide variety of garage doors include steel doors, glass doors, fiberglass doors, aluminium doors, vinyl doors, wooden and wood composite doors. No matter your preferences regarding garage doors, we can supply you with any material, colour, design or brand that you need. Even if you want specially customized garage doors, we have got you covered.

When you’re in need of a company that can provide you with superior garage door installation service look no further than Infinity Garage Doors. Regardless of the size of your installation project, whether it is a single installation job for a home or 50 garage doors for an apartment complex, there is no project our fully trained technicians and installers can not handle. With several years of experience in the business of installing garage doors you can be certain there is no problem they will run into that they haven't fixed before. If you need emergency installation services, we offer same day services and we can have out technicians at your premises as soon as you need them. They will take accurate measurement of your garage so that our made to measure garage doors can fit perfectly when installed. You garage doors will also be expertly installed in accordance with all safety regulations of the industry.

Garage Doors are a huge investment and we can help you ensure that you make the right choices. So give us a call whenever you want to install new garage doors in your property. You can count on us to deliver outstanding service.

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