Garage doors not only have the responsibility of protecting the garage, the house as well as the inhabitants, but it also retains and enhances the curb appeal, aesthetics, and resale value of a house. Picking the right color door for your garage is very important, especially if your house’s color is grey.

This is when we face the question, “what color garage door with a grey house is the most suitable?”

There are a lot of colors you can choose for your garage door if you have a grey house. You can choose white, black, red, or blue among the most common colors. Or you can think a bit out of the box and go for orange, burgundy, yellow, green, or even grey for the garage door. 

Let’s take a detailed look at all the colors you can choose for your grey house’s garage door. 

10 Best garage door colors for grey house

Grey is a classy color, especially for houses and buildings. This color gives the house an elegant vibe while also being quite energy efficient. But if there is one thing most homeowners struggle with grey buildings is when they want to choose a garage door color. Because although a lot of colors can complement grey, it is not easy to pick the right color for the right shade of grey. 

Here are some of the best garage door colors for gray houses for you to choose from.

1. Grey 

Grey garage Door in gray house

Let’s address the elephant in the room first. A lot of people think grey is not one of the best door colors for a grey house, and to be honest, they have a good reason for it. They think grey garage doors will just blend into the exterior of the house and will not stand out much. 

While it is true that a grey garage door might not stand out, there is a way to make sure it does. The trick is to pick the correct shade of grey. If you have a lighter shade of grey as the color of your house’s exterior, pick dark grey garage doors. On the other hand, if your house is dark grey, do the opposite. This will ensure the garage door will not blend into its surroundings. 

2. White

White garage door in gray house

From a largely unwanted garage door color to a very popular one, white garage doors go very well with grey buildings. White is a color of class and elegance. It is also a very energy-efficient paint as well since it does not absorb heat to make the garage hot during summer. If your house is a darker shade of grey, picking white as your garage door color is a no-brainer. 

3. Black

Another very popular option, black garage doors can be spotted all over the US. Their popularity stems from the color being synonymous with class, elegance, and status. Also, black garage doors stand out a lot, especially in houses that are a bit lighter grey. 

black garage door in gray house

But there are some issues with black garage doors. They absorb a lot of heat, which makes the garage unbelievably hot during summers and also energy inefficient. Additionally, cleaning and maintaining a black garage door can be a pain in the bottom as the dirt, dust, and paint damage on them can be clearly visible, even from a distance. 

If you are confused about black color read out this article about black garage door idea.

4. Blue

Blue garage door in gray house

If you don’t want to paint your garage door black but still want a dark and elegant color, you can go for blue. No matter what shade of blue you pick, you can’t go wrong with this color. As one of the most welcoming and soothing colors in the world, blue has a nice contrast with grey as well, which makes it really stand out. 

5. Red

Red garage door in gray house

Red is a low-key favorite color for garage doors or any kind of door for that matter for a lot of people. This color goes very well with both shades of grey and looks very well too. Red garage doors really stand out in a grey house and also increase the resale value of a building. 

6. Green 

Green garage door in gray house

Green, no matter what its shade is, has a really nice feel to it as a garage door color. It is a very welcoming color, which gives the garage doors a nice, calm, and smooth feel. The upside of using green as a garage door color is that there are multiple shades of this color you can choose from. 

If you have a dark grey house, you should pick a lighter shade of green. On the other hand, if your house is light grey, try picking a darker shade of green for your garage door. This will ensure the doors will catch the eye of people, and in a good way. 

7. Burgundy

Burgundy garage door in gray house

When people ask “what color door goes with a gray house?”, burgundy isn’t the color that comes to most people’s minds. But it is a very classy and beautiful color that has a nice contrast to the grey exterior of a house. The color also really pops in a grey house, especially light grey ones. 

8. Orange

If you want to go a bit out of the box when choosing a garage door color for a grey building, you can go for orange. This color has a nice and soft feel to it, and at the same time, has a nice contrast to the color grey. As a result, an orange garage door will look very good in a grey building, especially dark grey ones. 

9. Yellow

Yellow is not a very common color for garage doors. While it might not look good in most buildings, the color goes really well with grey, akin to orange. If a garage door is painted yellow in a dark grey house, the color will have a nice look to it while also stopping people in their tracks when they go past your home. 

10. Beige

The final answer to the question, “what color door goes with gray houses?”, is beige. This neutral color goes very well with a lot of colors, and grey is no exception. If you want to play it safe with your garage door color, you can easily pick binge and rest easy. 

Final Words

If you ask us, “what color garage door with a grey house?”, we can give a list of colors to pick and choose from. But it is you who has to choose the color according to the exterior of your house and your taste. Just make sure you pick the color that complements the shade of grey of your house’s exterior. If you still can’t decide on a color for your garage door in a grey house, call us for consultation.


1. Should a garage door color match the house or trim?

Most people make a mistake while picking the garage door color. They put more emphasis on matching the garage door color with that of the house more, instead of the trim. It’s best to match the garage door color with the color of the trim, which helps the door to pop more. 

2. What is the most popular color for garage doors?

By far the most popular color for garage doors is white. Nowadays, a large majority of garage doors in the USA are painted white because of their energy efficiency and easy maintenance. 

3. Should garage doors be light or dark?

It is better to have the garage door be a lighter color instead of a darker one. This is because lighter colors absorb a lot less heat than darker ones, keeping the garage cooler during summer. Darker color garage doors such as black absorb a lot of heat which makes staying in the garage for a long time nearly impossible.